Sunday, February 4, 2018

Deewar - the wall

Last few days reminded of this word - Wall (दीवार  in Hindi) at least twice. One of course was when the Indian under-19 boys lifted the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup - a lot of people gave due credit to the coach - the wall, Rahul Dravid.

Another time I remembered this was while reading (or listening to) the reactions of many people about the reintroduction of tax on long term capital gains on equity.

Since the finance minister made the announcement regarding the LTCG Tax on equity, there is a wild reaction from a few. One of the most common reactions is to demand tax on income from agriculture.

This reminded me of the scene from the film Deewar:

"Bhai, tum sign karte ho ki nahin?"
"Jao, pehle uss aadmi ka sign le ke aao ..."

Incidentally, the third example is the Wall Street that saw heavy selling.

Over all, February seems to have started with a strong wall.  Seems there is something about walls this February.


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