Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mind blowing insurance product

Just got a call from an insurance company call centre. It was an amazing offer: They have a very attractive investment product. The investment component is also not invested in the stock market. They only invest in Government projects and will offer more than 7% p.a. compounded returns over a 25 year term. This is what they are willing to offer in writing. I inquired to the gentleman that how can they offer more than 7% p.a. when Government securities do not offer that much (net of expenses to be charged by the insurance companies). He said, that is where our company's expertise comes in.

After about 2 minutes of monologue (my question came in much later), the gentleman added another attraction. The product also gives life cover. Wow, This is now becoming too good for me to handle. Life cover coming from an insurance company. And all along I thought this call was from an investment company - how stupid of me!

I was pleasantly surprised with the offer. Such a mouth watering proposal !

Unfortunately, I was too naive to not buy this product. God only can save me now.