Sunday, February 13, 2011

The insurance tele-caller is back again

The other day, I got a call from an insurance company tele-caller. The caller introduced him as a “fund manager” calling from a life insurance company. WOW, I was delighted to get a “fund manager” call me personally!
What a shame? Look at the cheap tactics these guys use to get attention.
If a fund manager has the time to make cold calls to people, when will he manage the funds? In such a case, should one give him the money to manage? He would be busy cold calling people and will have no time to take care of our money.
God save people from such liars. Is it pressure of getting sales numbers that they stoop so low?
Are these guys more worried about their quarterly target even at the cost of their character? Or they leave the character home when they go to the office?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks MNP, you’ve made me an important customer

Thanks MNP (Mobile Number Portability). You’ve made me an important customer for Airtel, the mobile service provider. The mobile phone service that I used had been giving me problems of call drops and loss of signal very regularly. The complaints were never resolved – there were only promises to resolve the complaints. Few months back, I had also promised them that they had time till MNP becomes reality. If they do not improve by then, I would switch over to some other operator. Probably the operator thought my promises are also like theirs, or those of the politicians of removing poverty, making Mumbai clean, clearing slums, removing corruption, etc.
Well, I stood by my promise and have already got portability code. The moment my mobile operator got the information of that, I have started getting calls asking for the reasons and if they can do something. The caller also offered me waiver of one month rental since I have been through the pain. (This is offered only for prospective rentals – bait for extending my stay for at least 90 days. I have to request change of operator within 15 days of getting the portability code, else it expires and then I have to stay with the same operator for at least 90 days.) What a pity!
Well, I have got another promise from the operator that my problem of call drops will be resolved and that technical team will get in touch with me. Surprisingly, they did get in touch! And that too, on the same day! But, the technical staff asked me if my complaint was resolved. 
Well, all service providers of India, the consumer wants service at reasonable price and not just discounts with unreasonable service.
There is a twist to this story. I also called up the toll free number of another service provider to get an idea (pun intended). There have been 3 to 4 interactions and each time the amount asked for has changed. Each interaction springs up a new (and negative) surprise. I am not sure if there would be many other surprises after one signs up. What an idea, Sir jee!
All said and done, what I get in the end is a different story, but I had the 15 seconds of pleasure where I was told that I am an important customer! Wow, how much I loved it! At least the mobile phone service provider provided excellent lip service.