Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is India's biggest problem, Mr. Chidambaram?

"The most violent movement in India is not terrorism or insurgency but Left-wing extremism. While 26 people were killed in terrorist violence and 46 in insurgency (27 in Jammu & Kashmir), 297 people were killed in Naxal violence. That is ten times of those killed in terror incidents," Chidambaram said.Asking states to understand the nature of this violent movement, the home minister said: "The burden of governance cannot be shifted from the state governments to the central government.... In the ultimate analysis, the responsibility of governance in the Left-wing extremism affected districts must rest with the states." - A Times of India report said.

Well, Mr. Home Minister, you are no longer the Finance Minister - so focus on solving the problems instead of throwing statistics at us.

The latest world-wide statistics released by International Road Federation (IRF) reveal that 1,19,860 people are killed in road accidents every year in India.

Going by your logic Mr. HM, road accidents are the biggest problem and the Government should - oh sorry, the Government will do nothing - the people should only worry about road accidents and should stop complaining about terrorism. The number of deaths due to terrorism is just about a rounding off error as compared to those due to road accidents.

The good news is: Mr. Chidambaram can comfortably pass on the blame to the RTO.