Monday, August 14, 2017

Liquid mutual funds offer the facility to get instant access to your money

Many do not know this facility offered by certain mutual funds - instant access to your money. Though, it is is for a limited amount currently, it still remains to be a great facility. Click here to read further.
The English translation of the article is as under:

Many people keep large sums of money in current and savings accounts. They do it for a simple reason: what if the money is needed urgently?
Well, how urgent could be the need? And how much money may be required in such an emergency? It is in just a handful of exceptional cases that one has bothered to consider these two questions.
Most others operate out of fear. The fear is fully expressed in the earlier question about the urgent need. They support this argument further by stating that the emergency comes unannounced. It gives no time for any preparation. The argument is correct that there is no prior notice before an emergency. However, consider any situation – the emergency may come unannounced, but is there some time before money may be required? Even in case of hospitalization, how much money is required upfront? Will the hospital deny admission?
This is where one may consider some unconventional options to put the money to a better use. These options are the innovations in the financial markets that can be used to your advantage.
One such innovation is the liquid mutual funds that can be used for parking money for very short periods of time. One may also consider parking money for as short a period as three to four days. There is no limit on the maximum period for which such funds can be used. The beauty of these products is that there is no maturity period and the investor also need not specify for what period the investment is being made.
These funds have the potential to deliver more than what one gets from savings bank accounts or bank deposits of less than a year’s maturity.
Through a recent development, the regulator has allowed instant redemption facility from these liquid funds upto a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per account or 50% of the balance in the folio, whichever is lower. On redemption, the bank account would be credited within half an hour. This is a fantastic facility in case of emergency.
So go ahead and utilize this facility from the liquid funds.

- Amit Trivedi
The writer is the author of a book "Riding The Roller Coaster - Lessons from financial market cycles we repeatedly forget"

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