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Why mutual fund is the ideal investment vehicle for goal-oriented investing

If you know your financial goals and are planning to invest your money to achieve these goals, read this article first ..

Ideal investment vehicle for goal-oriented investing

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Why mutual fund is the ideal investment vehicle for goal-oriented investing
A very important question all investors must consider before investing is: Why are they investing? What is the purpose of investing?
All the other questions are secondary to this one. This must be the first question that an investor must consider.
Let us understand the financial requirement of most of the middle class investors. Most of middle class people have certain large lumpsum expenses to incur in order to fund some major and important events in their life. These events could be having their own house, acquiring a vehicle, getting the children educated, marriage in the family and living a comfortable retired life. All these events require large sum of money, which may not be available when the event occurs. Money must be saved earlier in order to fund these events.
These are financial goals. Funding these financial goals is the primary purpose of saving and investing for most of middle class.
Once we understand that, the next question is how does one invest money. We have two options: invest your money in various avenues yourself or invest through mutual funds. We have discussed this in detail in some of our earlier articles.
There are some basic rules that one need to follow:
1.     Keep some money in short-term investments – these investments may not fetch high returns but the money would be safe here.
2.     Allocate your money in line with your unique situation – a process known as asset allocation.
3.     Periodically one needs to check how much is the deviation from the required asset allocation. This happens since different markets, viz., equity and debt markets behave differently from each other.
4.     Consider investing in equity if the goals are far in future. However, as the goal approaches near, the exposure to equity should be reduced.
It is really in points 2, 3 and 4 above that mutual funds become extremely convenient. First of all, allocating money across various asset categories is very easy if one uses mutual funds. At the same time, when one has to shift money from one scheme to another – be it from debt to equity or vice versa – mutual funds allow very convenient switching facility.
Mutual funds also have a major benefit in terms of availability of daily NAV, which allows one to regularly monitor if the current asset allocation is in line with the required one or has it deviated. Based on this, a decision regarding switch can be very easily taken.
All these switching can be done seamlessly within a fund house. The transaction is convenient as well as low cost. Mutual funds also are highly tax-efficient when it comes to such switches.
As against that, if one has built a portfolio by buying stocks and bonds, the big decision would be which stocks or bonds to sell and which ones to buy. In case of mutual funds, it is just a scheme that one needs to get out of or get into.
It is such high degree of convenience that majority of financial advisors also prefer to recommend mutual funds to their investors.
So, go ahead and take advantage of mutual funds in order to achieve your financial goals conveniently and comfortably.
-        Amit Trivedi
The author runs Karmayog Knowledge Academy. Recently, Amit has authored a book titled “Riding the Roller Coaster – Lessons from Financial Market Cycles We Repeatedly Forget”. The views expressed are his personal opinions.

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