Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't break down after a mid-career break

Taking a break or thinking of taking a break?

Differentiate between asset and liquidity: 'I have a house and a couple of properties as back-up' is a very common comfort for people who want to take a break. But, as Trivedi puts it, it is important to differentiate between asset and liquidity. If there is a problem, the should not be to sell a property or jewellery to continue with the venture. Importantly, selling a property isn't quite easy. A property deal will take its own sweet time to go through. Also, if the buyers/brokers realise that the property is being sold by someone in desperation, you may not get the right price. It is important to ensure that you have money in the bank or liquid funds or other safe instruments that will provide you with liquidity during the emergency period.

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