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Why should someone help you achieve YOUR goal?

Amit TrivediAmit Trivedi
“What is your objective?” asked the consultant to an entrepreneur. The answer was: “I want to create wealth for myself.” The entrepreneur was clear about how much wealth he wants to create and in how much time.

We are quite aware of the importance of having goals. Here is an example of someone who has clarity about what he wants to achieve and has also put the deadline to the dream. As Zig Ziglar has famously said, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

The consultant praised this entrepreneur for goal clarity, but asked a very pertinent question, “Why should someone help you achieving this goal of yours? What is in it for them?”

Think about it. When an entrepreneur sets out to start an enterprise, it is done with a purpose. Very often entrepreneurs confuse between building a business and generating income. If income generation is a goal, the entrepreneur cannot focus on building a business, as setting up a business takes time. One has to forgo income for some time, until the venture turns into a self-sustaining business. Till that time, the parent (entrepreneur in this case) has to look after the baby often sacrificing one’s own pleasures and even basic necessities sometimes. Building business will allow one to create wealth over a long term, earning income will help one sustain in the short term. It depends on what type of person you are.

Some people can handle enormous amounts of risk. They can start focusing on building business even when there is no income in sight. The other category may first want to stabilize the income and then focus on building an enterprise.

When you set your goals, please make sure where is the customer in the goal. If your goal specifically and explicitly spells out what you plan to do for the customer, the customer will help you achieve your goals. However, it is just your own goal without any reference to what you can do for someone else, ask yourself, “Why should someone help you with YOUR goal?”

The goal that this entrepreneur has set for himself has something lacking. This is a goal of an entrepreneur, who is setting up a business. The business has to do something for the customer in order to be profitable and to sustain for long. Still, the same customer is missing from the goal. Wealth creation would be the result of the goal one has set.

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