Monday, March 7, 2011

Purpose of education

Recently, there was an advertisement from an education institute boasting about state-of-the-art facilities and giving laptops to each of the students. There was another advertisement from a college talking about their placement ratio.
Isn’t this interesting: an educational institution talking about offering laptops and not education; talking about state-of-the-art facilities and not about the teachers?
Decades back, when I was a student, teachers were role models and schools used to talk about the quality of education. Now, often the discussion is about air-conditioned classes, designer uniforms and in the end, admission to better colleges or college students getting high paying jobs.
Where has the education disappeared? Can the end (good paying job) justify the means (not providing education but offering the goodies)?
Can the laptops and smart classrooms replace the teachers? What values can we learn from the laptops? Is the role of a teacher only restricted to teaching the subject matter?
I do not understand what is going on!

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